Policies 2020


Safeguarding Policies

 Anti-Bullying policy 2020.docxDownload
 Behaviour Policy COVID 19 Addendum September 2020.docxDownload
 Behaviour Policy November 2020.docxDownload
 Behaviour principles Blackfell.docxDownload
 Child Protection Policy September 2020 version 2.docDownload
 EVC Policy.docxDownload
 Missing child-On Off-Site 2020Download
 Online safety policy.docxDownload
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Health and Welfare Policies

 Code of Conduct - Sept 2020 -.docxDownload
 First Aid Accidents Medication Policy 2020.docxDownload
 Health and Safety Policy September 20.docDownload
 Intimate Care Policy 2020.docDownload
 Positive Handling Policy 2020.docxDownload
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GDPR and Data Handling Policies


 cctv policy 2020.docxDownload
 Data Breach Reporting Policy and Form 2020.docxDownload
 Data Protection Policy 2020.docxDownload
 GDPR Schools Information Governance Policy 2020.docxDownload
 Privacy notice for school governors.docxDownload
 Privacy Notice for Staff 2020.docxDownload
 Privacy Notice Parents and Pupils 2020.docxDownload
 Privacy Notice Pupils & Parents 2020.docxDownload
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SEN Policies


 Accessibility plan 2019-2022 (003).pdfDownload
 Inclusion policy 2020.docDownload
 Information report .docxDownload
 SEND POLICY 2020 .docxDownload
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Admin Policies

 Attendance Policy 2020.docxDownload
 Charging and Remittance Policy 2020.docxDownload
 Complaints Procedure 2020.docDownload
 Lettings Policy 2020.docDownload
 Managing Allegations - 2020.docDownload
 Mobile phone guidance 2020.docxDownload
 Nursery Admissions Policy for extended 3 and 4 year olds.docDownload
 Pay Policy for Teachers Sept 2020.docDownload
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Subject Policies


 Art policy 2020.docxDownload
 Blackfell Primary Maths Policy.docxDownload
 Blackfell Remote Learning 2021.docxDownload
 DT policy 2020-2021.docxDownload
 EYFS policy 2020.docxDownload
 French policy .docxDownload
 Geography policy Oct 2020.docxDownload
 history policy 2020-2021.docxDownload
 Music policy 2020.docxDownload
 PE policy 2020.docxDownload
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