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 At Blackfell we value and celebrate all children’s achievements.

In our Celebration Assembly every Monday, children are presented with a Headteacher’s certificate and badge for success during the week presented by their class teacher. We encourage all children to share their achievements out of school too! If your child has achieved anything out of school that they would like to share in our special assembly e.g. swimming certificate, dancing award, music achievement, please let Mrs Watkins know.

In addition, we award a key stage 1 and key stage 2 lunchtime award and sing Happy Birthday to children who have had a birthday that week.



Monday 5 October 2020


    Theo Wilson Nursery  

    Phoebe Galer Reception 

     James Ross Year 1  

    Max Dunworth Year 2

      Ava Finnon Year 3 

       Zac Bailey Year 4 

    Imogen Anderson Year 5

          Aaron Cockburn Year 6  



         Ellen Ross KS1 Lunchtime Award 

           Parneet Bhamra KS2 Lunchtime Award 

Well done!



 Monday 19 October 2020 


Alex Stevenson    Nursery

 Nate Marshall  Reception

Molly Newton   Year 1

Sebastian Monteith    Year 2

   Rhiannon Hazard Year 3

    Charlee Munro    Year 4

    Parneet Bhamra    Year 5

   Jack Pinnegar Year 6



          Max Dunworth KS1 Lunchtime Award

      Elliott Halse    KS2 Lunchtime Award

Well done!













Monday   12 October 2020


    Oliver McCaffrey Nursery

  Harrison Clark Reception 

Alex Little  Year 1

 Jenna Bailey  Year 2 

    Harry Platts   Year 3

Jaycee Day Year 4 

Raisa Ghiban-Calugaru   Year 5

 Ollie Johnson    Year 6 


                       Molly Newton KS1 Lunchtime Award  

             Lyta Carr    KS2 Lunchtime Award 

Well done!







   Year 1

    Year 2

  Year 3

  Year 4

       Year 5

          Year 6


       KS1 Lunchtime Award

   KS2 Lunchtime Award

Well done!