Art/Design Technology



At Blackfell Primary School, Art forms an important part of the curriculum.  The intent of our Art curriculum is to maximise every child's ability and to 'know more, remember more' about art and design.  Through carefully chosen topics, every year group will investigate a range of artists, architects and designers.  In addition, each year group will investigate a selected artist to study in greater depth; they will collect evidence about his/her life and work and then try to use this style themselves.

Using National Curriculum statements, we have ensured a range of styles and media types that the children will explore and use: sculpture, sketching, drawing, chalks, collage, pastels, painting, printing, photography, portraits and designers.

Progression in Art will be assessed through sketchbooks which pass with the child to the next year group, displays and photographic evidence.  


Design Technology

Design and Technology helps prepare children for the developing world.   Combing practical skills with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues, the subject helps children to become creative problem solvers, both as individuals and as a team. Design Technology helps all children to become discriminating and informed consumers and potential innovators.  It assists with an understanding of how everyday products are designed and made.

At Blackfell Primary School, children work through the approach of 'Design, Make, Evaluate.'  We feel that the teaching of food and nutrition is of great importance and holds huge relevance in current times.  For this reason, children will study a food and nutrition unit every year.  Additionally, a modelling and design or textiles unit will be taught.  This ensures that technical skills are covered with greater depth and that - by the end of KS2- children will have reached the expectations of the National Curriculum and more.  Teachers can also explore extra units to develop skills in an area that has not been assigned to their year group perhaps through the design of seasonal products at Christmas/Easter or through enterprise projects.


Below are the Art and Design Technology units covered across our curriculum: